Below are some of my works. Please click on thumbnail to see actual size of design.

    * Website Designs








                Wind Power TE         


     Ad Troopers     TE Search      Traffic PI         

Abundant Safelist     Pirates Mailer     mountain high mailer     traffic-guru     hit-mart     elevated traffic

eTraffic Matrix    Fabulous Traffic     Ark Hits     Mail 4 All     Money Makers Exchange     Premier List Builder

Wealth Builder Team Coop     Rewards4Surfing    Instant Mailz    Traffic Corps     TE Surf Social     Queen of Heart Hits

Wealth Builder Traffic     Fox Hits    High Response Ads     The Hit Gardener     Fishing for hits      residual downline

 hot website traffic     no bull hits     hit funnel     lord hits     Greased Lightning Hits     viral traffic games

The Viral Mailz     todays text ads     Red Stag Mailer     Booming Website Traffic    US Largest Safelist     bakerymailer

simple X traffic      surfing old school      lucky 7 mailer     egg hits     wild hog hits     500 best hits

lead crusader      rodeo mailer     orbit clean     worldwide mailer     penetrate profits    hit zombie

speedy traffic mailer     postman hits     surfing 4 breast cancer     spooky hits     twisting traffic      Aloha rockstar surf
high class hits      splash wave      hit blitz      blitz banner viral     speedy solos      Daily Credit Mailer

viking hits    viral safelist mailer      simple mail builder     4x4hits     master list mailer       zaney clicks

traffic colony      Celestial Traffic       Loot mails      great white hits     massive traffic list     Power Marketing Network

great white hits      solo ad matrix     Universal Power Mailer      Teddy Bear Hits     thehitflower      Promo Hispana

 volcano hits      my viral mailbox    mardi gras mailer     smashing viral mailer      puffin mailer      extreme solo ads
shaggydogbiz      surf smash     hits 4 surfer      red god surfer     global viral mailer    sealife hits


     * Splash pages

Traffic PI      My Paycheck Weekly    Ark Hits    Wild Hog Mailer        

Booming Website Traffic   Pirate mailer        rewards for surfing    Viral Traffic Games    Magic of traffic

  Acid Hits    surf and shop    Lime Hits 4U    Big foot Mailer    Black diamond Mailer    TESS



        * Personal Splashes

Sealife Hits     Viral Mailer Club    Traffic-Guru    Money Makers Xchange     Go Play-in Traffic      TE Search

Booming website traffic     traffic magician    viral traffic games    High Class hits     Sunshine Surf Club      HWT1



     * Landing pages/Squeeze pages

Decide your path  squeeze page 2 MTE Ad Coop  squeeze page 4    CLixalot hits     TheF15Teen

lcp12    lcp11    lcp1   lcp2   lcp3   lcp4 

 lcp5   lcp6   lcp7   lcp8   lcp9   lcp10 



 * Offer/OTO pages - Rotators - Prize page

Golden Chest Mailer     Fox-hits    Lime hits 4U    Big footer mailer     traffic guru     traffic corps



   * Banners  

  banner 125 x 125  banner 468x60  banner 513x315  banner 600x300 

* Blogs


HWT Blog     speedway blog     elevated blog     james bastin blog      james holmes blog      beth allen blog   



    * E-book Cover   

Skin Home Remedies     Skin Home Remedies     Air Mailer     Air Mailer     

Mass Traffic Science   Mass Traffic Science    Lofty Contact    Lofty Contact




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